World’s highest structure II

In the past there has been a lot of debate about what is the world’s tallest building.

It was argued that it was the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. But this is not a ‘building’, it is a ‘tower’ said many people. And I guess that is true. It is a concrete block with outside elevators, no floors, and a revolving restaurant at the top. However it is man-made and it is high.

So the CN Tower became the world’s highest structure. But wait a moment, if a tower is a structure then so is a TV mast. At more than 600m high a TV antenna/mast in North Dakota, USA is therefore the world’s highest structure.

After all this argument it is now a relief to report that the world’s tallest building/structure/ antenna/anything is the Burj Dubai, in (of course) Dubai. It is 818m high and has 162 floors and it looks like this:

This is where the money we spend on gasoline goes.
This is where the money we spend on gasoline goes.

I wouldn’t like to be the guy operating the crane at the top.

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