Pencil: colour

Most pencils in The USA are a yellow colour. This was started by the Hardtmuth company in 1890 with their Koh-I-Noor brand pencil. Before this pencils were usually just unpainted wood.

But in other countries different colours are more popular. For example in Germany most pencils are green, and in Australia they are red.

Where are blue pencils popular?
Where are blue pencils popular?

10 thoughts on “Pencil: colour

  1. I believe that the pencils shown here are Staedtler brand pencils from Germany. Their popularity can mostly likely be attributed to their widespread use by draughtsmen (draftsmen).

    Up until the late 80’s architects, engineers and designers still had to do drawings by hand. Anyone who needed to draw something more likely than not had to resort to using a pencil, and these blue ones are recognized for their quality. Computers have since started to displace the ubiquitous blue pencil. I’ve even shifted over to mechanical pencils and lead holders.

    Personally I preferred working with the 3H, HB and the 2B pencils. What I’m more curious about is where the lead softness/darkness classification comes from. I know that it ranges from EE/EB to the really soft lead, to the newer 8B soft graphite to the harder 6H ones, but more information would be wonderful.


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