It’s not extinct


It was thought that the last Golden Toad of Costa Rica died 20 years ago.

But last month a female was seen. She was healthy and full of eggs. The Golden Toad is not extinct.

Why don’t the news reports tell us this kind of news?

5 thoughts on “It’s not extinct

  1. That photo is of the Scarlet Frog of Venezuela and not The Golden Toad of Costa Rica.
    The Golden Toad was last seen in 1989, it is thought that the species was killed of by the fungal disease chytridiomycosis.

    This article is inaccurate and misleading, a recent five-month project took researchers to 21 countries; but only four of the targeted 100 amphibian species believed to be extinct were found.
    Although this expedition led to the rediscovery of three species – the Mexican cave splayfoot salamander (last seen in 1941), the Mount Nimba reed frog from Ivory Coast (last seen in 1967), and the Omaniundu reed frog from Democratic Republic of Congo (last seen in 1979).

    If you are going to publish an article on endangered amphibians you should always make sure you know your subject as you will always get called out by someone who really does know his stuff
    (Me in this case)


    • Thanks for putting me right, dannydee. I guess you must have been on Robin Moore’s research team.
      It does look like curtains for the golden toad, but congratulations on rediscovering some of the other species. I will post some more of your finds, and I will do my best to get it right this time!


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