Tornado plus

Someone requested a photo of a tornado, well this is for jyankee.

Wichita, Kansas
Wichita, Kansas

And it’s not just a photo of a tornado, there is a rainbow too, plus a very nice horse-racing course that is just about to be demolished.

A correction: two commenters have informed me that this picture was taken in Mulvane, not Wichita, apologies for the error.

This map shows the incorporated and unincorpor...

9 thoughts on “Tornado plus

  1. I was there was so awesome to be there in person, it’s not a horse racing track, it’s just a nice house with a horse pen around. They only have two horses. Plus, it’s outside Mulvane, KS, not Wichita.


  2. I was there, this was my neighbors house about to be destroyed, and that’s not a horse racing course, it’s simply a house with a fence. They do have two horses their though. And it’s outside of Mulvane, not Wichita


  3. Wow! Thanks there! That does look like it’s pretty ominous… what a 5 on the Fujita scale?? I love those Nat’l Geographic programs where they have the storm chasers and all they do all summer long is chase tornadoes… man…I’d like to do that!


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