Quick Quiz XXXII (with answer)

A relaxing time at the pool is always a nice way to spend time.

In which country was this photo taken?

Where's Wally?
Where is Wally?

a) USA

b) Japan

c) India

d) Spain


7 thoughts on “Quick Quiz XXXII (with answer)

    • It’s in Japan 🙂 This is a kind of swimming pool with artificially generated water current. It is called “Lazy River” in English or 流水プール in Japanese.


    • It’s in Toshimaen (としまえん) Park in Tokyo, Japan. It’s quite common that people mix up different Asian countries… I saw a picture of a Metro station in China (either Guangzhou or Nanjing) in Time Magazine and it said it’s in Seoul (Korea). One time CNN even used a video of demonstration in Nepal and said it’s in China. (At least I can distinguish Nepali from Chinese…)


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