San Francisco

Have you ever been to San Francisco?

I haven’t, but it is one of my ambitions.

San Francisco bay area
San Francisco bay area

6 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. I went to San Francisco 6times in 2009 …..Everybody should go there at least twice in there lifetime if you live far distance……….=)


  2. It might be…but Candlestick Park used to be for the SF 49’ers (American football) I don’t know about what looks to be a baseball park? I know that is “something or another” stadium, but since I’m not into baseball… LOL And..Candlestick park used to be out near SFO airport…. a bit aways from the city itself.


  3. That’s a unique skyline view of SF…you can see the Bank of America building in the very back, and the ball park in the front…must be the downtown area. SF truly is a beautiful city…you have to make it there in the near future! They just re-did the Oakland Bay Bridge.


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