Why is coffee called coffee?

One of the first products made from the coffee bean was a coffee wine.

This coffee wine was given the name ‘qahwah’, which is an Arabic word meaning to ‘delay’, because this wine had the power to delay such things as sleep, and need for food. And from this word comes the word coffee.

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4 thoughts on “Why is coffee called coffee?

  1. thank you dragonlife! i didn’t know that.. but since coffee is a European thing… that would make sense! thanks for the tip!!!


  2. Now, the interesting thing is that in French slang, coffee is called cawa!
    No wonder, since the French was a colonial power in North Africa and the Middle East!
    JYankee, actually the word “coffee” is a derivative of German “Kaffee” (hence cafe in French, but the first cafe appeared in Wien!)
    A long story, ain’t it?
    We learn something every day!


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