Candlestick Park and The Beatles

This is Candlestick Park in San Francisco.

Candlestick Park
Candlestick Park

I wondered whether the baseball park in San Francisco (below) was the famous Candlestick Park. Well, as jyankee rightly pointed out, it wasn’t.

Even though Candlestick Park was the home of the San Francisco Giants for many years, it is now the home of the San Francisco 49ers American football team, so it is no longer a ballpark.

But the reason I think that Candlestick Park is famous is that it is the place for the very last Beatles concert on August 29th 1966.

They couldn't even hear themselves play
Candlestick Park
The north side of Candlestick Park prior to a ...
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Golden Gate

One of the most spectacular man-made sights must be the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. I have never been to San Francisco, but it is my favourite American city.

Rideau Falls

And to think that a few weeks ago I promised ‘no more waterfalls‘.

But there was a question from dragonlife whether the Rideau Canal in Ottawa was named after ‘rideau’, the French word for curtain. In fact there is an indirect link.

The waterfalls below were named the Rideau Falls, because of their resemblance to curtains.

The river was then named the Rideau River, and when a canal was being built it used water from the Rideau River and became known as the Rideau Canal.

Karori Wildlife Sanctuary

The Karori Wildlife Sanctuary was mentioned in class today. This is a wonderful wild park in the city of Wellington, which is the capital of New Zealand.

It is famous for its birdlife but you can also find the rare tuatara which you can see below.

Strawberry pizza

Yes, it does exist.

Recently strawberry pizza appeared in one of my classes, and most students thought that it would taste really awful. But there are some people who really enjoy it!


During class recently the country of Jordan was mentioned.

Here is a photo of one of its most popular tourist sites, Petra, a little south of the capital city, Amman.

There is a long, naural, twisting tunnel in the rocks leading to the ruins at Petra. When I visited this place I was lucky enough to ride a horse through this tunnel which made me feel like I had travelled back in time.

Why is Kaldi called Kaldi?

I guess you all know the chain of shops known as ‘Kaldi’; there is one in Shizuoka station Asty, one in the basement of the Shin Shizuoka Center, and one in Dream Plaza (is it still there?).

While I was researching the origin of the word coffee I also found the name of the first person to discover the effects of caffeine from the coffee bean.

More than a thousand years ago a young man, called Kaldi, from Ethiopia was looking after his goats, and he noticed that they became very excited and lively after eating some berries. He tried some berries himself and enjoyed them so much that he made them into a drink. Of course the berries were coffee beans from the coffee bush, and Kaldi’s drink was the first cup of coffee.

I reckon that the Kaldi chain took its name from this Ethiopian man.