Bakewell Tart

Recently dragonlife asked me about an English speciality, Bakewell Tart.

This is a kind of cake, or rather a pastry, which originated in the town of Bakewell in Derbyshire, in central England.

The local people call it Bakewell Pudding and it is an almond-flavoured pastry with a small layer of raspberry jam inside. For a topping it can often be seen with icing sugar and a small cherry, but the locals like it with a few dollops of fresh cream, and so do I.

It is especially nice when warm, straight out of the oven.

5 thoughts on “Bakewell Tart

  1. Ice-cream, vanilla is best, goes well with this tart, that’s for sure.
    Whose missus, dragonlife?
    I reckon anyone who can make decent pastry (and who owns an oven) can make this; probably the most important ingredient is the raspberry jam, one of those fresh French confitures would be just right.


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