Paradise island

Have you ever wondered what paradise looks like? Well, this is it!

It is called Paradise Island and it is one of thousands of islands in the Maldives. The only problem is that in about 50 years this island will not exist.


Bakewell Tart

Recently dragonlife asked me about an English speciality, Bakewell Tart.

This is a kind of cake, or rather a pastry, which originated in the town of Bakewell in Derbyshire, in central England.

The local people call it Bakewell Pudding and it is an almond-flavoured pastry with a small layer of raspberry jam inside. For a topping it can often be seen with icing sugar and a small cherry, but the locals like it with a few dollops of fresh cream, and so do I.

It is especially nice when warm, straight out of the oven.