Christchurch is a very picturesque city in the south of New Zealand. It is famous for its rugby but it is also famous for its beautiful river and scenery.


4 thoughts on “Christchurch”

  1. I have never been to either Christchurch in Dorset, UK nor Christchurch in Canterbury, NZ, but I hear they are both beautiful places.
    And I suspect that a few more rugby teams have been well-beaten in Christchurch, NZ since 1961!


  2. Christchurch in Hampshire! Unless it is Dorset!
    Used to go there often after college back in England.
    I heard of Christchurch for the first time when France got whipped there in 1961! I didn’t know I would live near its origin for 4 years.
    Looks so much like traditional England to me!


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