This is a photo that was taken of a famous building, the Renaissance Center, in the place of my birth, Detroit, Michigan, USA.

It was taken by my good friend Marcus Grandon, and it has just won second prize in a huge international photo contest. Fantastic photo isn’t it, just look at the sky!

Water puppets

These are the water puppets which are part of a performance which is unique to Hanoi, Vietnam. I have been to Hanoi but unfortunately I did not see the water puppets. Next time I go to Hanoi I will be sure to watch a performance.


This is a photo taken in Bagan, Myanmar. I went to this place about 12 years ago and it really looks as wonderful as this photo.

Hi to my new students!

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This blog is for my students, past and present. It is for fun.

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This is a glacier in Alaska. A glacier is like a river of ice, but it moves very very slowly. However there is a big problem with this glacier: it is melting.

It makes a great photo with the bright blue lake at the bottom of the glacier, but it should not be there!


Wednesday is the day in the middle of the week. The name comes from the old German god, Woden.

In old English this day was called Wednes daeg, and in middle English it was known as Wednes dei.