Recently I have been feeling very guilty about the amount of garbage I have. Yes, I do recycle things like paper, polystyrene, bottles and cans, but twice a week I still seem to have a big bag of rubbish that is collected.

What happens to this rubbish? It is either used for landfill, or burnt. It has really been bothering me that I should be doing something more to reduce my rubbish. So today I bought a compost bin (made from recycled plastic!). It looks a bit like this:


It is very simple. Just place it on some earth and fill it with all your natural garbage, like the parts of vegetables or fruit that cannot be eaten, tea leaves, egg-shells etc (though not meat or fat!). Even a little cardboard can be thrown here, like cereal boxes, but it should be cut into smaller pieces first.

Then let nature take its course. I’ve put my compost bin near the riverbank opposite my house, let’s see what happens.

I reckon that about 10% of my rubbish can be put into the compost bin, so I can save about 5 yen every two months on plastic rubbish bags. The compost bin cost ¥2,480, so in 206 years I will get my money back!

But that’s not the point is it? It will also mean that 10% of my rubbish will not be burnt, and less gas will be in the atmosphere. That will make me feel a little better, but it’s only a first step, there must be some other things I can do.


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