Rainbow from above the clouds

In his comment to Quick Quiz XXV dragonlife replied with another quiz, an excellent question: what does a rainbow look like when seen from above, for example from an airplane.

I admit that I didn’t know, so I did some research and found this photo taken from an airplane above the clouds.


Maybe you can just see a circular rainbow on the clouds. This is a very unusual sight. I hope this is the right answer dragonlife!

6 thoughts on “Rainbow from above the clouds

  1. I don’t know too much about color theory but I have researched some holography in my personal time. I actually stumbled upon this blog while looking up prisms in google search.

    Very enjoyable blog, very diverse with lots of beautiful scenes.

    A friend sent me this today I thought I would share.


  2. It’s a circle in the photo but in real life it would be a dome. Just as you see an aura around streetlights in the fog, it looks like a circle every which-way but in reality is an orb.


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