High or tall

‘How high are you?’ is not the right question to ask if you want to know someone’s height. The right question would be ‘How tall are you?’

The adjective ‘tall’ is mostly used with people, trees, buildings, chimneys and electricity pylons, for example: ‘Look at those beautiful, tall trees’ and ‘The Dubai Tower is the tallest building in the world’.

In other situations ‘high’ is used, for example: ‘My garden has high walls’ and ‘Mt Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan’.

Here is a picture of the Burj Dubai, the Dubai Tower.


2 thoughts on “High or tall

  1. Yes it does!
    Even though it is now the world’s highest building it has not been finished yet, so this picture is an image of what it might look like some time next year.


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