Year of the Capybara

2008 is the year of the mouse. The mouse is a member of the rodent family, and the largest rodent in the world is the capybara.

The capybara can grow to 130cm long and 65kg in weight. It is a herbivore and lives in watery areas in Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia in South America. It can swim underwater for 5 minutes and it has no tail!

I saw some capybara in a park near Shimoda in Izu, they are really quite big, it is very strange to think that they are a relative of the mouse.


3 thoughts on “Year of the Capybara

  1. Dear Hiro, I heard that Shabouten Koen is a very popular place for capybara, but these capybara are from a different place, called ‘Biopark’.
    I think the capybara in Shabouten have a better time, because they can relax all day in the warm water.


  2. A Happy New Year, Pat!
    I hope this year will be the happiest for you!;-)

    By the way,
    I guess you saw capybaras at “Shaboten Kouen”.
    I lived Izu, and I used to go there with my family.
    Capybaras seem to love taking baths, do they?:-)


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