Quick Quiz XXIII (with answer)

Which contains most calories?

a) orange juice

b) beer

c) milk

5 thoughts on “Quick Quiz XXIII (with answer)

  1. Yes, very interesting 18megu, you have done some excellent research.
    My research agrees with yours, though the figures are a little different.
    100ml milk has 64kcals
    100ml orange juice has 42kcals
    100ml beer has 41kcals.
    So, yes, milk has most calories and beer least!
    By the way dragonlife 100ml of wine has about 77kcals!


  2. Acoording to internet search,

    ・orange juice → 200ml : 80kcal
    ・beer → 350ml : 140~155kcal
    ・milk → 200ml : 134kcal

    Consequently, I think milk contains most calories.


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