When travelling short distances by airplane the effect of jet-lag can be ignored. But when travelling about 7 or 8 hours or more jet-lag can’t be avoided.

In north to south, or south to north, journeys, like from the UK to South Africa, or from Australia to Japan, there is little or no change in the time-zone, so there is no real jet-lag, just tiredness.

But when I travel between Japan and the UK the flight can take 11 or 12 hours and the time difference is 9 hours. This really affects my natural body-clock and leads to jet-lag.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that travelling from east to west (Japan to UK) causes more jet-lag than when travelling from west to east (UK to Japan). Has anyone had any similar, or different, experience?

7 thoughts on “Jet-lag

  1. Mid 40s I guess – portly and buxom…Hattie Jacques type. She was a bit tipsy I think…and absinthe was illegal in them days, lojol. She was the nicest next door seat I’ve ever had, we had a great dinner together before …I often think about her.


  2. You need to force yourself to drink loads of bottles of water on landing – even if it is not agreeable. Not only is the cabin air dry, allegedly it is not filtered as much as it once was.

    What do you do on long haul? Sleep or watch the movie? I was once on a flight to Chile and we hit some very serious turbulence…the lady next to me insisted that I hug her 🙂 she told me we were definitely going to die.


  3. It also helps if you don’t have to check into a hotel – that is something I hate.

    Dehydration is greater in hotels, as they usually have air conditioning in the room, and no natural air. I have noticed most hotels these days don’t let you open the windows. There are always very few bottles of expensive water in the mini bar – and should you risk the tap water??

    The air quality on long haul flights is also a problem. I heard as it costs the airline more with fuel costs – they cut it back?

    Ah well…there is nothing like your own bed 🙂 Hope you two are back to normal now.


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