Reptile Show

Reptiles are a group of animals that include lizards and snakes, chameleons and geckos, turtles and even crocodiles. They are cold-blooded, they lay eggs,  they cannot fly, they cannot breathe in water, and they are popular pets.

There was a Reptile Show last week-end at Twin Messe, so I took my children along. They loved to see and touch these animals. There were so many different kinds of reptile. For example there were more than 20 different kinds of turtle. But this wasn’t a zoo; all the reptiles were for sale.

Where did all these reptiles come from? Were they stolen from the wild?

2 thoughts on “Reptile Show

  1. Newts aren’t reptiles.
    They are amphibians and, yes, they can breathe underwater.
    Good to hear that the turtles may be bred, and not captured from the wild.


  2. In the case of turtles they are pretty easy to breed and sell well.
    By the way all reptiles cannot breathe under water? How about newts? Some of them do have branchiae to help them breathe under water…


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