Peach is still my favourite

In a recent post about my love for peaches absintheur commented on the durian fruit. By chance there were some durians in the local supermarket the other day, so I bought one.

And now I can tell you exactly what it tastes like: onion-flavoured creme caramel. Here is a picture.


The other question everyone asks is about the smell. Yes, it does smell, and the smell is not pleasant. But don’t just take my opinion, here is a sign.


This sign can be found in subway stations in Singapore. I wonder what the penalty is?


6 thoughts on “Peach is still my favourite

  1. It does look like a hedgehog, doesn’t it, but I am sure that hedgehogs in Singapore would never smoke.
    I wonder if the penalty is confiscation?
    megu, the sign is not a joke, I don’t think anyone used to eat durians on the subway train, I think they were just carrying them. Even when they are not cut they still smell!


  2. I have never eaten durian, but I don’t want to try it.
    Because maybe I will stand for the smell! :’-(

    Oh,I am surprised at this sign!!
    In Singapore, Does everyone eat durian so much outside?
    Or is it just a joke?


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