Abekawa fireworks

What a great occasion for people of all ages. It was well-organised, and there were perfect weather conditions, and so many people.


Roggen Meyer part 2

Yesterday I was in Shizuoka station and I needed to buy a baguette, so I decided to try Roggen Meyer in Parche.


I hadn’t been to Roggen Meyer since my bad experience there in April, when I was served by a waitress who was not interested in the products.

I looked for a baguette but there were none on display, so I asked a shop worker and she checked for me. She politely asked me to wait a few minutes because some more baguettes had nearly finished baking.

And sure enough I saw the oven open and a lot of fresh baguettes on a tray. The shop worker picked up a baguette with some tongs, let it cool a little, and slipped it straight into a long bag. Then she took it to the cashier.

To my surprise the cashier was one of my students. She spoke to me in very good English  and at 4.03pm I had the baguette. Roggen Meyer’s service is much better now.

I went straight to the platform to catch my train at 4.06, and I arrived at my station at 4.10, and got home at 4.17

At 4.20 I was eating the baguette, about 20 minutes after it came out of the oven!

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I thought when I first started this blog in September 2006 that I might get 2 or 3,000 hits in a year, and I would be happy.

In the next few days the number of hits will be more than 10,000, a number I never imagined.

So a big thank you to all viewers. Some of my students will now finish my course, since it is a one semester course only. If you wish, please continue to read the blog and to write comments.