The weather in London again

A few months ago I wrote about the changeable weather in London, and here is tomorrow’s forecast for another day of strange weather.


15 thoughts on “The weather in London again

  1. To be honest it’s best not to worry about the weather in London, because no-one can predict it! Just be careful to have warm clothes if you don’t visit in the summer.


  2. I saw a signal of weather in London for the first time. It means fair and cloudy and thunder, doesn’t it?
    If I go to London, I must check weather!!


  3. ayaka, don’t you have a raincoat that you can wear on your motor-cycle?
    yosuke, thank you for your direct and clear comment!
    Kaoru, I hope you get the chance, the best time to visit London is the summer.
    shu anan, hi, I’m Pat.
    Nozomi, nice rhyme!
    Aya, the rainy season is unpleasant isn’t it, but I guess the rice farmers like it!
    It’s very difficult to dry clothes on rainy days, Natsumi, what do other people do?


  4. shota, I like rain sometimes too, but not when it is really windy.
    You hate rain, megu, oh dear, I hope you can get through the rainy season OK!
    Akane, I agree that fine days are nice, but perhaps we shouldn’t be so sad on rainy days, the rain is so good for plants.
    Laundry is a big problem, isn’t it Jun, especially when it rains for three or four days, what can we do?


  5. The rainy season has set in.When the rain, I have to walk to school because I can’t ride motor bicycle .So, I like rain not very.


  6. I don’t like rain because my laundry don’t air put .But I like rain when I have no plan I have to do so I sleep well.


  7. I like sunny day because fine weather gives good feeling to me.
    But the rainy season has set in, I’m a little sad.


  8. I hate rain. Because I often have a headache and I have to go to station from my house on foot when it rains.
    Today’s weather is fine so I am happy.


  9. I like rain. Because the reason is a heart feels at ease. But attending school is hard in the morning. Fine weather will be good tomorrow.


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