More great service

After our wonderful time at Yukichi izakaya Robert and I went to another Fujieda pub, this time Western-style, called The Alehouse.

Here we ordered a few bottles of Baird Beer, which is brewed in Numazu city. It was absolutely delicious. I had been to The Alehouse once before and I remembered that the landlord was very interested in whisky. There were many different kinds of drinks behind the bar but we couldn’t see any whisky. So we asked the landlord if he had any whisky. He did.

He opened a few cupboard doors high behind the bar and the cupboards were full of all kinds of whisky. He told us that in order to keep the whisky in good condition it is best to keep the bottles away from bright light. Have you ever seen a bar hide its drinks? What great service!

Unfortunately I rarely drink whisky, so I had another bottle of beer, Summer Mikan Ale, from Baird Beer again, just right for a warm summer evening.

14 thoughts on “More great service

  1. YU-TAN, I think it is good to work, but it is also good to rest, take care of yourself.
    makoto, you will surely have the chance when you are twenty!
    Mikan, please let me know about your bar, do any customers ask you about the food and drink that you serve?
    aki, I like grilled chicken too, and I aslo like grilled pork with leek.


  2. Hi, Pat! How are you doing? I am good.
    I have a part-time job of bar’s waitress.
    If you have a chance, you can come anytime!
    See you again!


  3. Wormwood ale sounds rather intriguing, hope you can find some.
    As for Japanese beer, I would drink it only for curiosity value, the Czech pilsners beat it hands down!


  4. Samuel Pepys used to drink wormwood ale – I’m interetsed in trying some. I drink Pilsner Urquell from Plzen – BTW : Evan Rail has just published an authorative guide to the Czech beer scene, and I’m looking forward to reading it. We have two kinds of Japanese beer at our favourite sushi joint in Praha – one is Sapporo.


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