Great service

With my friend, Robert-Gilles, who writes the Shizuoka Gourmet blog, I went to a Japanese pub/restaurant, called Yukichi, in Fujieda yesterday. Recently I had some poor service at Roggen Meyer bakery cafe in Shizuoka station Parche because the waitress had no interest in the bakery’s products. However two of my students, one in a tea shop, and one in a bakery, told me that they were interested in their shop’s products so I felt relieved.

So my friend and I asked about the sashimi on the menu. To our surprise the young waitress came to our table with a large dish full of different kinds of fish. Then she gave us an explanation of every fish (and there was raw chicken meat and chicken liver too!), and how it would be served, some as sashimi, some as tempura. She really knew about the products. She also told us where everything was from, mostly from Yaizu port, but the chicken was from Nagoya.

Later when she served the delicious food she also explained which fish should be eaten with soy sauce and horseradish, or with soy sauce and ginger, and the raw chicken should be eaten with a sesame sauce. In addition we chose some junmai sake from a local Fujieda brewery, and she gave us some interesting information about this too. She really knew her stuff.

We also had some tempura which was cooked so well that we didn’t need to dip it into a soup, just a little sea-salt was enough.

When I get such great service it makes the food taste even better!

16 thoughts on “Great service

  1. I have no idea what charachaccha is!
    piyokochan, I like sashimi too, especially sea urchin.
    ryoshi, please tell me more about your bakery’s products.
    maiko3, please tell me some of your experiences as a waitress.


  2. I love sashimi!
    and I’m also a waitres in restaurant at shizuoka.
    i want to be like her. she done a great service.
    You were very lucky to find good reataurant and meet her


  3. Like you said,good service makes us happy and feel better!!!I also work at the backery,I am often asked by costomers “what taste is it like??”so,I try to eat bread as long as I can to answer these questions!!!!
    Therefore,I LOST MY MONEY!!!!!!


  4. Fumi, it was delicious!
    makino, I am sure you will go to many restaurants like this, especially in Fujieda, Yaizu and Shizuoka.
    arachan, the fish was great, both as sashimi and tempura.
    mina37, it’s very convenient, close to Fujieda station.


  5. This picture looks like very delicious.
    My hometown is near the Fujieda,so I want to go the restaurant someday.


  6. Thanks for the comment absintheur, though I dread to think what ‘the treatment’ entails. My personal memories of Prague are very good, perhaps tourists and residents see different aspects.


  7. Good point! Mediocre food tastes great here, as long as you know the establishment is at least trying.

    Bad service is the curse of Prague! We are always scared to go to new places in case we get “the treatment” as we call it 😦 This usually creates a lot of stress and problems…hence we usually stick to places and people we know.


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