Eether or Aither

Yesterday one of my students wrote a  comment about my pronunciation of ‘neither’. She said it sounded like ‘naither’ and she wondered if this was an example of British English. The pronunciation of either is very similar, with two possible styles, eether or aither.

I did a little research and it seems that most (but not all) Americans tend to say eether and neether, and most Brits, Canadians and Australians (but not all) tend to say aither and naither, and many people use both.

I use both, and I can’t explain why.  So use either, you can’t go wrong!

7 thoughts on “Eether or Aither

  1. Naoyo, pronunciation is not so difficult if you put the stress in the right place.
    Hide, yes the pronunciation is not easy, and neither is the spelling!


  2. Christmas, it is good to hear that my research and your phonology teacher agree.
    It is also good to hear that I am the same as dragonlife in my pronunciation, perhaps we sometimes adjust our way of speaking according to who we are speaking with.


  3. Hi, Pat! How are you doing? I am good.
    Yesterday I left a comment about “neither”. Today I am glad to find your answer about it. You said most Brits, Canadians and Australians (but not all) tend to say aither and naither. I was taught in class on English phonology that the pronunciation of Australians’ [ei] is often heard [ai]. For example, when Australians say “eight”, it is heard like [aight]. The teacher said if we visit Australia, it takes us a few days to get used to Australian pronunciation.
    I think that every language has several accents. Because of them, we may have difficulty in speaking foreign language in the very country, but if we can understand them, too, I think we can feel familiarity in people there and have greater times.
    Thank you for reading my comment. Good night!


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