The name of June comes from the Roman goddess, Juno, who is the wife of Jupiter, the top god, and the mother of Mars, the god of war. Juno is the goddess of marriage, and June is thought to be the best month to get married.

June is also the month when the longest daytime occurs (this year it is June 21st), and this is known as the summer solstice. At this time the sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer. However, for southern countries it is the shortest day.

And don’t forget father’s day, which is celebrated in many countries on the 3rd Sunday in June, this year it is June 17th.


13 thoughts on “June

  1. My birthday is June.
    I have a sister (3 years older than I). Her birthday is June too.
    And my parents celebreted a wedding in June.
    So my mother was June bride 🙂

    I sent my father some sweets last sunday.
    He loves cake very much so I send it.
    I was very glad to hear his voice on the phone.


  2. I don’t like rainy days. However, we don’t have so much rain these day.It is very strange weather.
    Anyway, I will go back to my hometown on this weekend. So I will give my father anything.Today, after this class, I will go shopping for him! For example sake…hahaha.


  3. I work at restaurant .
    In this place, we produce a wedding party on weekend.
    On this month, we have many many party.
    Every week, a new couple born!


  4. Mahoko, yes I know about the rainy season, it isn7t nice, but I like it better than typhoons!
    Yuka, yes, it is hard, but please try your best.
    Ayumi.B, June isn’t so nice, is it, but spring and autumn are wonderful aren’t they?


  5. Hello, Pat. How are you?

    I don’t like June because it rains much in Japan.
    Do you know “TUYU”?


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