Quick Quiz XVIII (with answer)

What is the longest word in the English language that does not have the letters a, e, i, o, u?

10 thoughts on “Quick Quiz XVIII (with answer)

  1. Tryst has 5 letters, and you could easily make it 6 by adding an ‘s’ to make the plural form, trysts, but this is not the answer.
    The answer is rhythms, with 7 letters.


  2. sasaki8, I’m fine.
    kohhei, I’ll do my best.
    ema021, practice makes perfect.
    genki2, I hope the second chair is OK.
    mari0924, that’s good to hear.
    takuto2, nice to meet U2.
    rambo0216, very well, and you?


  3. Hi pat!!!
    Thank you for always teaching me English.
    Please teach English happily from now on 🙂

    see U


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