And another

When I heard that one of my students had just started a part-time job at a bakery I asked her if she is interested in the bakery’s products.

She told me that after she learns the basic skills of the job, then she will learn about the products, so she can answer any questions from the customers. I was very happy to hear it.

10 thoughts on “And another

  1. tyau, please tell me about your experiences in the bakery.
    Ayumi, please let me know your feeling about working in the family restaurant.


  2. Hello, Pat.My name is Ayumi.
    Today’s class is fun because I have never taken this lesson.
    But I ‘m not good at expressing English.
    So, I do try my best.

    I worked part-time at family restaurant.
    I did service industry, and I see a lot of people.
    This experience is so useful for my future.

    This blog is very nice.
    See you again!


  3. Hi,Pat. I’m Aya.
    Your class is very fun for me.
    I’m looking forward to having your class.

    I’m also working part-time at a bakery.
    It is good experience for me.

    See you later♪


  4. reesypeesy, you seem to be doing well with your blog.
    totigi, I’m pretty good, CU.
    katurio, thanks, I enjoy teaching your class.
    yu07ki, tell me your blog address and I will visit it.
    fujino, happy birthday, did you get to have a cake?
    saori7188, you did well to start your blog.


  5. Hello☆
    Today’s class was hard for me.
    Because I can’t use a computer well.
    But it’s very interesting!!
    Pat’s blog is very nice☆
    I enjoy seeing your blog♪
    See you later☆


  6. Hi,Pat!! I’m fujino.
    Last sanday is my birthday.
    My friens send me a lot of birtheday mail.
    I love my friens.
    So I’m very happy my birthday!!

    Please come to my blog.
    See you☆


  7. Hi!! I’m yuki.

    This English class is so fun.
    But I don’t how to use computer well.

    Please come my blog.
    See you!!


  8. hi!! this is Lisa!! I think I will ask about blog!! because, I don’t really know how to use blog!!haha >


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