Why green blackboards?


Before I came to Japan I had never seen a green blackboard. So why are blackboards green? One of my students, Kyoko, kindly told me the answer: because green is easy on the eyes.

It seems very sensible. Another word for blackboard is chalkboard, maybe we should use this word more often.

Actually I hate chalk, and chalk dust. It makes my throat dry, and also my fingers. It gets on my clothes and into my eyes. I much prefer whiteboards. But why aren’t whiteboards green?

10 thoughts on “Why green blackboards?

  1. shibakyon, I agree, whiteboards are best, and I like the smell of the pens too!
    fishisland, you may lose your voice, but your bones may become stronger!
    If I am ever attacked by a wolf I will feed it chalk!


  2. Our teachers (When I was high school student) are all use dustless chalk!

    I hope all black boards are changed white board for you and our health!


  3. Thanks Kyoko, a very interesting comment. I have never heard of dustless chalk. I will check the chalk at university and see if there is any dustless chalk.


  4. I tell you a good information!
    There are “dustless chalks” that the chalk dusts are less than original chalk.
    Of course, it’s more expensive.
    If you think about chalk dust seriously,
    I advise you to buy “dustless chalks”!!


  5. When chalk touches water (for example sweat) there is a chemical reaction which makes an acid. This is like acid rain, and is neither good for your skin nor clothes.


  6. I prefer whiteboards and hate chalk too!! It makes my fingers and clothes dirty, but I didn’t know that you don’t like chalk.


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