Book reading


Yesterday I read a book at the city library in the Pegasart building in the centre of Shizuoka City. The name of the book is ‘Puppy’, which is the name for a baby dog, and above you can see a picture of the puppy.

I read the book to the children and they repeated the words. They seemed to enjoy themselves. It was a happy and proud time for me, because I wrote the book!

7 thoughts on “Book reading

  1. Yuuuka, it’s very good to hear that you read to a boy, I’ll show you my book next week.
    st5ar, please read my book too next week.
    sugikatsu, I have published only this book, but I am writing another one now, it’s actually not so difficult.


  2. I was surprised to hear about that!
    How many books have you ever published till now?
    And how many books do you want to publish in your life?
    I found your another ability today!


  3. Hi, Pat!!
    You are wonderful. You have good talent!! And you are good father.
    I want to read your book.
    I have to go to the library immediately


  4. Great to hear from you Miki. How was Australia? Did you go surfing? I’m at the university on Friday mornings, a good time to meet is 10.30 on the 7th floor. You can borrow the book from the central city library in Pegasart. Of course it’s a children’s book so it will be very easy for you, but you may enjoy the CD! The illustrations are very good and were drawn by an art student from your university. Hope to see you and Miyuki after Golden Week.


  5. Hello! Pat!
    Do you remember me??? I came back to Japan from Australia!
    But I have’t seen you at university yet… so I and Miyuki want to see you !!

    And did you write the book?? It’s great! I try look for the book at Shizuoka city!!


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