My favourite bird

At dawn this morning I was walking beside the Mariko River when I suddenly saw a bright blue arrow flying across the river. It landed on some tall grass and rested for a while. It was a kingfisher, my favourite bird. What’s your favourite bird?

I stopped and watched for a while, and tried to take a photo with my mobile phone. But I haven’t taken any pictures with my phone for more than a year, so I was too slow and I missed the beautiful bird as it quickly flew away.

Anyway here is the photo of the river, minus one kingfisher!


3 thoughts on “My favourite bird

  1. The difference between an eagle and a hawk? Not much difference I think. I believe they are from the same ‘family’.
    Can anyone help?
    I’ll try to do a little research too.


  2. If I were a bird, I’d fly everywhere.

    My favorite birds are an eagle and a hawk.
    But I don’t understand their difference.
    Do you know it?


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