Dirty water in Kusanagi

Today in class two of my students were talking about the dirty tap water in Kusanagi (in English of course).

They said that sometimes the hot water is ‘white and cloudy’, and that the dirty water can cause the skin to feel very itchy.

I don’t live near Kusanagi, but I must admit that sometimes I also get cloudy water, and sometimes the drinking water tastes a little strange.

Does anybody have any problems with their tap water?


2 thoughts on “Dirty water in Kusanagi

  1. I have been living near Kusanagi for 20 years. But I’ve never thought about dirty water.
    Of course, I also admit sometimes the hot tap water gets cloudy.
    According to my experience, it happens only in winter. And I suppose that cause of white water is oxygen or some gas. Oxygen (or some gas) is melting in cold water. We warm the cold water, then some oxygen can’t melt in the water. So we see a lot of really small bubbles of oxygen. Therefore the water gets cloudy…….

    But I’m not a specialist in science…Perhaps it’s not true. However I believe in the cause!!


  2. I stopped drinking cold tap water years and years ago and drink only cold mineral water. When you think that well water and source water in Shizuoka Prefecture are the best in Japan, it is a shame that we have to drink tap water which has been recycled time and time again. One recycling plant is actually near my place. Now, tap water is safe to drink, but only up to a point as it contains all kinds of “medicine”!
    I would advise everyone, either to collect their water at proven wells, such as the one used by Haginishiki Sake Brewery who gracefully allow anyone to take some for free, or to buy mineral water. That is unless you want to spend money boiling all your water!


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