Visit to the doctor

You probably haven’t noticed that I have had a pain in my arm for a few weeks. It doesn’t seem to be getting better, so today I went to see the doctor.

The doctor’s clinic was very busy, but I waited only about 30 minutes before I could see him. The doctor was very good, listening patiently to my poor Japanese explanation, and then he started to touch, feel, hit, twist and press my arm as he searched for the exact position of the pain. He quickly found it. It is in the muscle. I think he is a really good doctor.

He told me to rub something on it twice a day and said I could go. He seemed a little disappointed that my injury wasn’t serious.

One thought on “Visit to the doctor

  1. Exactly the feeling I get from my doctor who keeps on telling me every year after my annual check-up that, although I am in very good health, I should be careful about my high blood pressure.
    The problem is that I have have had the same blood pressure for the last 30 years! (my judo teacher, who was also a doctor, checked mine 30 years ago and said exactly the same thing!).


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