Quick Quiz X (with answer)

When I first came to Japan there were 3 JR train stations in Shizuoka City. How many are there now?


7 thoughts on “Quick Quiz X (with answer)

  1. Dragonlife is correct I believe.
    I counted 9 JR stations in Shizuoka City. These are: Mochimune, Abekawa, Shizuoka, Higashi Shizuoka, Kusanagi, Shimizu, Okitsu, Shin Kanbara and Kanbara.
    When I first came to Japan only Mochimune, Abekawa and Shizuoka stations were in Shizuoka City. Then Higashi Shizuoka was built at the same time as Granship, and then Shimizu City and Shizuoka City joined together, so Kusanagi, Shimizu and Okitsu also came into Shizuoka City. And last year Kanbara Town joined Shizuoka City so Shin Kanbara and Kanbara stations were also added. And this makes 9!
    And if Yui Town joins Shizuoka City there will be one more.


  2. By the way, did you know that a train would take a minimum of 2 hours and 42 minutes to travel from Atami to Washizu, that is from the eastern end to the western end of our Prefecture??


  3. Sorry, I tend to talk of Shizuoka as if it is the Prefecture, and of JR stations as Shinkasen stations!
    Well, let me see, they should be Shimizu, Higashi Shizuoka, Kusanagi, Okitsu, Abekawa, Mochimune, Kambara?


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