Quick Quiz IX (with answer)

This beautiful photo was taken by my friend somewhere in Shizuoka prefecture.


What are the two things that you can see?

S _ _ _  and  S _ _ _.

6 thoughts on “Quick Quiz IX (with answer)

  1. And the answers are SAND and SALT. The salt is carried in the mist created by waves near the shore. This mist is then blown by the wind onto the beach and, in the very dry Japanese winter, the mist dries very quickly leaving salt on the sand.
    You can get a better explanation in both English and Japanese on this homepage: http://www.h6.dion.ne.jp/~idic/index_g.html


  2. Great try Kouta, sand is correct, and certainly there are many shadows in the photo. But shadow is not the correct answer, which has only four letters.


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