New telephone

I’m thinking about buying a new mobile phone. I’m very happy with my old phone, but it is almost three years old and the battery doesn’t last very long, so I need a new one.

I don’t need any special functions like internet connection, or text mail, or even a camera. I don’t often use my mobile phone, just 30 or 40 minutes each month. All I want is the cheapest one!

Can anyone advise me? I think there are three major companies now, Docomo, AU, and Softbank. Which one is the cheapest? Or is there another company which I don’t know?


4 thoughts on “New telephone

  1. hello!! I came here for the first time.
    I’m using DoCoMo’s mobile phone. And I have willcom.
    Willcom is PHS. From willcom to willcom, both an email and a telephone are around 3,000 yen for one month!!

    To be frank, I do not understand which company is cheap. Sorry.
    But I like docomo☆


  2. I’m using DoCoMo’s mobile Phone(・∀・)
    If you don’t speak, Docomo would be expensive …maybe.
    AU is cheaper than Docomo. I don’t know about SoftBank…

    By the way, which company has this mobile phone??


  3. This phone is cool!!
    Looks like iPOD.
    I think that docomo is famous maker in three.
    I’m using it!!
    Do you use your phone with your wife’s phone??
    Perhaps there is a family discount.

    An obscure explanation… sorry…
    I need more study!! Good bye!!


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