This punctuation mark is a period (American English) and a full stop (British English).

It comes at the end of a sentence, immediately after the last word, with no space. After the period there is one space before the next sentence begins with a capital letter.

However if the period comes at the end of a paragraph, then the next sentence will start on the next line.

A period mark is also found in some other situations:

a) In internet and e-mail addresses, where it is called a dot, for example lojol_2p@yahoo.com.ph (my private e-mail address which you can use at any time).

b) In numbers, where it is called a decimal point, for example 3.7, which is “three point seven.”

c) In money it has a similar use, for example $6.25, which is “six dollars and twenty-five cents,” or “six twenty-five.”

If you know of any other situations please let me know.

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