Quick Quiz VIII (with answer)

I like fruit. Can you guess which ones I like best? Rearrange the letters.

a) cheap

b) parge

c) melon

d) greano

e) imprenoms

4 thoughts on “Quick Quiz VIII (with answer)

  1. Bingo!!

    I’m really surprised. Because I imagined scene that you are eating them and select best matching scene.

    Maybe I have a sixth sense!!


  2. The answers are: a) peach, b) grape, c) lemon, d) orange, e) persimmon.
    I like them all. And my favourite is peach, as Takayo guessed, well done. I especially love the juicy peaches from the Mochimune and Hirono areas in Shizuoka City.
    I’ve eaten durian once and, although the smell is really horrible, the taste is not so bad. And durian ice-cream is really nice.


  3. A happy new year!!

    I think you like peach.
    I like fruit too. I can’t decide my favorite fruit. Except durian, I love all fruit I’ve ever eaten.


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