Quick Quiz XI (with answer)

What are the missing words?

a) Look ____ that picture. Isn’t it gorgeous?

b) What do we have _____ dinner? I’m starving.

c) Our hotel is 50 metres _____ the sea.

d) Maria is _____ her sister in many ways. They’re both beautiful and intelligent.


Dirty water in Kusanagi

Today in class two of my students were talking about the dirty tap water in Kusanagi (in English of course).

They said that sometimes the hot water is ‘white and cloudy’, and that the dirty water can cause the skin to feel very itchy.

I don’t live near Kusanagi, but I must admit that sometimes I also get cloudy water, and sometimes the drinking water tastes a little strange.

Does anybody have any problems with their tap water?


Spurs’ bye


My favourite football team Tottenham (nickname Spurs) should play against Feyenoord (Holland) in the next round of the UEFA Cup.

But there is a problem: UEFA decided that Feyenoord cannot play in the UEFA Cup this season. The reason is that Feyenoord supporters started fighting and damaging the stadium when Feyenoord played against Nancy (France) last month.

So Spurs have no opposition and UEFA decided that Spurs can have a ‘bye’ (they can progress to the next round without playing). Feyenoord have appealed to UEFA to change their decision, we’ll see what happens.

If Spurs progress to the next round, the last 16, they will play against Braga or Parma, two very strong teams.

Doctors are human

A few days ago I went to a local clinic to visit a doctor. You can read  more information in my blog post below.

The doctor was very good, and he told me that I only had a small injury, but he seemed to be disappointed that my problem wasn’t serious. Why?

I’m not sure but I think it’s because of money. In Japan, and many other countries, the doctors get more money from very sick and injured people. If everyone were healthy then the doctors would get no money. So the doctors are happy if we are sick. And if we are seriously sick they can get even more money.

If I had a serious injury then I would probably need to visit the doctor’s clinic once or twice a week for rehabilitation, maybe for 3 or 4 months, or more. Then he would make a lot money from me.

Of course I am sure most doctors are honest people (I hope so), but doctors are human, and not all humans are good and honest, so some of them may tell us we are sick when we are not.

Visit to the doctor

You probably haven’t noticed that I have had a pain in my arm for a few weeks. It doesn’t seem to be getting better, so today I went to see the doctor.

The doctor’s clinic was very busy, but I waited only about 30 minutes before I could see him. The doctor was very good, listening patiently to my poor Japanese explanation, and then he started to touch, feel, hit, twist and press my arm as he searched for the exact position of the pain. He quickly found it. It is in the muscle. I think he is a really good doctor.

He told me to rub something on it twice a day and said I could go. He seemed a little disappointed that my injury wasn’t serious.

No umbrella

Oh dear I forgot my umbrella.

Oh dear I left my umbrella at home.

Which sentence is correct? Answer: both! This morning, by mistake, I didn’t take my umbrella when I walked to the station.

If you look carefully at the top sentences you can see we use the verb ‘to leave’ when we forget something and we mention the place. We use the verb ‘to forget’ when we don’t mention the place. So we cannot say, ‘I forgot my umbrella at home,’ and we cannot say, ‘I left my umbrella.’

But today I was very lucky, there was no rain, so actually I said, “Great, I left my umbrella at home.”