Another victory

It’s unbelievable. Thanks for your support, Spurs won again, 3-1 against Dinamo Bucuresti (Romania), with one goal from Berbatov (from Bulgaria) and two goals from Defoe (from England).

Spurs now finish top of their group and will play against Feyenoord (Holland) in the next round.

5 thoughts on “Another victory

  1. Addition

    The music sounds like ding ding ding ding …….., and running telop announced “Hunt at the Haunted Forest”. Is it different?


  2. The victory!!
    I’m sorry, my words were without explanation (the subject).

    I couldn’t get Modern Romanian electronic music on the right. It is on the lower right in this blog, isn’t it?
    If so, I say sounds great again. I like that music.


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