I am Santa

Last year I was invited to take my family to a Christmas party. We were very happy to go. Then I was suddenly asked to be Santa. I wasn’t keen but I couldn’t refuse.

Halfway through the party I went to the toilet and changed into a red and white Santa suit and hat, and a black belt. I put some cushions around my waist to make me look plump, and I had a long white beard, and I also wore some sunglasses.

The children seemed very excited to see Santa. I said “Ho, ho, ho,” many times and gave presents to all the children, including my own. And my children didn’t know I was Santa. It was weird to see their faces from behind the dark glasses. They looked at me as if I were a stranger, they thought I was still in the toilet. I could see a different side of their character.

When I changed back to my normal clothes and returned to the party my children were disappointed that I had missed Santa.

This year I have been invited to the same party again, and once more I am Santa. A few of you have commented that Santa is in the minds of children, but I think my children will recognise me this year, and then they will realise that it was also me last year, and their dream of Santa will be gone.

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