I hate X’mas

I like Xmas. It’s X’mas that I hate.

X’mas, Xmas, in English no apostrophe, please.

The word is really Christmas. ‘Christ’ refers to Jesus Christ, and ‘mas’ refers to mass, a holy celebration.

So why is Xmas sometimes used? It’s just a quick way of writing Christmas. Perhaps the writer is in a hurry, or there isn’t enough space for a longer word, or maybe someone needs a cheaper neon sign.

So does X mean Christ? Yes it does. In the Greek language Christ is written XPISTOS (sorry my font is incorrect, but this is pretty close). So X is the first letter of Christ.

An apostrophe is mainly used in two situations:

a) As ‘s, rather like の in Japanese, showing ownership or association, for example: Jim’s car. But be careful, in plural words ending in s the apostrophe comes after the s, for example: the students’ restaurant.

b) in place of missing letters. This often happens when two words are joined together and a letter (or letters) is dropped, for example: He’s my friend, rock ‘n’ roll, Hallowe’en.

But, wait a moment. In the word Xmas the X is the first letter of Christ and there are lots of missing letters. So isn’t X’mas better?

2 thoughts on “I hate X’mas

  1. Miki is just in envy of person who has a boyfriend or girlfriend ^^ hahaha
    I like Xmas too because the illuminations along the streets are very beautiful (o^w^o) Of course I see them alone but it’s OK ^^ I never mind……
    Have you already displayed the Xmas tree at home or decorated some trees nearby for Christmas ??


  2. I hate X’mas too. But the apostrophe is not the cause(・ิε・ิ)
    Japanese like to spend Xmas day with a boyfriend or girlfriend(#゚Д゚)
    Since when? ummm(*´д`)


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