Banana poet

On Friday I found out that one of my students is a banana and, in a comment yesterday, I found that one of Japan’s greatest haiku poets is also a banana: Basho.

Thanks to Kim for this fascinating information, for I am a real haiku fan, and I especially like Basho’s poetry. Though I cannot fully understand the meaning I am often touched by his writing.

Once I read a very short translation of one of his poems, I am sure Bananas knows which one:

Pond, frog, plop!

It doesn’t provide the complete meaning, but I like its simplicity.

4 thoughts on “Banana poet

  1. I am a bit late on commenting on this post, but I feel it does embody the full idea of the original haiku. To me personally, it says ‘warm summer night, crickets chirruping, plop!’ I guess it helps to have an old pond in the back yard.


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