Flu jab

At about this time of year I always have an influenza injection (flu jab). This year I thought I would not have the flu jab since I never catch the flu.

But I changed my mind, so this afternoon I had the flu jab (cost 2,000yen). Is it a good thing to do, or is it just a waste of time and money?

5 thoughts on “Flu jab

  1. Kouta, I’m very sorry to hear of your terrible experience with the flu, it sounds horrible.
    To be honest I felt a little unwell for a few days after my flu jab, but it is certainly better than catching the flu.


  2. I think having the flu jab is an absolutely good thing.
    When I had influenza 4 years ago,I couldn’t move.
    I was disgusted with that muscular pain and dullness.
    So,I always have the flu jab since that winter.


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