What is Disneyland for?

It’s a national holiday soon, and I’m going with my family to Disney Resort. We’ll spend some time in both DisneyLand and DisneySea.

To be honest I’m not very interested in Disneyland. I think it’s so superficial. They even draw a mouse’s head using only 3 black circles. So I started thinking about Disneyland.What’s its purpose?

Is it for children to enjoy themselves? Is it for young people to perform? Is it for people to buy souvenirs? Is it for local hotels to fill their rooms? Is it for parents to go crazy waiting in line for hours? Is it for Japanese people to learn a foreign culture? Or is it for something else? What do you think?

PS If you don’t understand a word you can check it with the on-line dictionary to the right of this text.

5 thoughts on “What is Disneyland for?

  1. Ordinarily, when we are dealing with fantasies, or the virtual reality, we are alone. But people don’t go to the Disneyland alone. We can be together there. That counts very much, I believe. Moreover, we can actually walk around, touch and feel things, and talk with each other: I mean actually. That’s far more human experience than the time alone in an imaginary world.


  2. Disneyland? McDonald’s? Kentucky Fried Chicken?
    They all seem to serve the same purpose: sell a cheap product at a good price.
    For people who don’t agree as far as Disneyland is concerned, I would advise them to read the original stories stolen from European lore!


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