Should I complain?

Most of you probably know that I have more than one job. I work at the university once or twice a week, and I work at other places during the rest of the week.

On Sunday I was working in Shimizu, near the station, and I had lunch at a small cafe-bakery in Shimizu Asty called Epi-ciel. I often eat there, it’s the best place for me. There is a good selection of bread rolls, pastries and buns. The prices are reasonable and the service is polite.

On this visit I had a pizza-pie (quite good), a cranberry and cheese flapjack (very tasty), and a cup of coffee (better than Mister Donuts), all for only 420yen. But there is a big problem for me: cigarette smoke.

When I last had lunch there, a few weeks ago, I had to move my seat three times because people were smoking and the smoke from their cigarettes went straight across the room and into my face.

After I finished I complained to the staff. I tried to say “I don’t think that people should smoke in a place that makes and serves food.” However my Japanese is not so good so it possibly sounded something like this, “I hate eating in this terrible place when people are smoking.”

On Sunday there were only two other customers and neither was smoking so it was very pleasant.

I am not against people smoking, it’s not against the law, though I don’t like cigarette smoke in my face or on my food.

Was I right to complain, or should I just put up with the smoke?

One thought on “Should I complain?

  1. As a former smoker who quit more than 17 years ago, I do agree that smoking should be at least banned in all cafes and restaurants. If the food is greasy, salty and heavy to go with beer, I may be able to ignore it, but in a sushi restaurant it is the last thing I want to smell. If I opened my own restaurant, the first rule I would impose is a total smoking ban and the second one a total mobile phone silence. It will come soon enough anyway, even in Japan. At least the future is rosy, isn’t it?


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