Murphy’s Law No.1

Rain is wet. And sometimes it rains very hard in Shizuoka, and for a long time.

An image of London, my hometown, is the businessman in his grey suit, walking quickly along the street with his umbrella. So everyone in London has an umbrella. Wrong. When I was last in London, in March, there were a lot of rainy days, but no-one had an umbrella, including me.

In London the rain is often light, mostly short showers, so most people just don’t care. If the rain becomes heavy then people go into a shop or a pub for a few minutes until the rain is lighter.

However in Shizuoka I often need an umbrella. Sometimes it rains for days! I counted my umbrellas, and I have 5. But I’ve never bought one! So where are they from? I think I got one from someone who didn’t need it, and another from the lost umbrellas in a bar. As for the others I really don’t know. Anyway I don’t need 5 umbrellas so what should I do?

Do you know about Murphy’s Law? It’s not a real law, more like a joke. For example if you leave home without an umbrella it is sure to rain, but if you take an umbrella it won’t. I call this Murphy’s Law No.1.

So, guided by Murphy’s Law No.1, I decided to put some of my umbrellas in different places. I put one at university, and another at my local station. It was hard to find a hiding place in the station, but I found somewhere high to hide it. Nobody ever looks up, do they? And most people won’t be able to reach so high, so I think it is a good place. And if it is raining and someone else takes it, then I can be happy that my umbrella kept someone dry.

6 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law No.1

  1. Actually do you know that the real meaning of an umbrella is “shadow provider” from the French “ombrelle”. The first umbrellas were used by women not to protect themselves from the rain, but from the sun as most people also do in India!


  2. We now have Murphy’s Law No.3!
    When you want to go down in an elevator you find that it’s just gone. It goes all the way down to the bottom, then all the way up to the top, before coming back to your floor.
    Tom, I seriously think you should keep a written record of your elevator experiences and let us know your results.


  3. I live in an apartment on the 7th floor. It seems that most times when I go to take the elevator down, I have just missed it. What makes it worse is that on its way back up it usually passes the 7th floor and goes straight to the top floor; my apartment block has 13 floors. If we do a bit of simple math this means the elevator has travelled 26 floors before it finally gets to me! Now am I just imagining my ‘bad luck’? I have even thought of keeping a written record of my visits to the elevator just to see if I am.


  4. When I get to a bus stop on time, the bus won’t come like forever. When I’m late for even a minute, the bus has already left. I’ve been thinking I am the most unlucky guy, but am I?


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