I can’t read!

I can’t read!

It hurts my pride to admit that I need to wear glasses. My eyesight was so good, but in the last year it has quickly become worse and worse. I can’t read a newspaper or a catalog, and sometimes even a text-book, especially when the text is in colour.

So I went to Megane Top, but it’s so expensive, about 20,000 yen or more. I also checked Washin in Shin Shizuoka Center and the prices start from 5,000 yen, much more reasonable. Then I checked a place in Parche with a big range from 4,200 yen.

My next stop was my local 100 yen shop which had recently changed to a 98 yen shop, including tax. To my surprise I also found glasses here. I knew I needed glasses of about 1.5 strength so I bought a pair with a nice gold frame. I can read again!

Then I realized I needed a case. I remembered that I had bought a glasses case from the same 100 yen shop a few years ago for my sunglasses. So I put my 98 yen glasses in my 105 yen case. The case is more expensive than the glasses!

Of course I shouldn’t wear 98 yen glasses forever. Do you have any advice? Please write a comment or tell me after class.

3 thoughts on “I can’t read!

  1. 2Pat ^^ I am a student of your presentation class.
    My father is also using a glasses from 100 yen shop ^^ Now if you can see and read well with the glasses , it’s OK d(>.^) You should not care about it !!


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