Think twice

Dear Viewers

Welcome to the very first posting of my very first blog.

The title of this blog is ‘Think twice’ and I hope that it will stimulate us to think twice about many of the everyday events in our lives.

A beautiful sunset? Not bad. Or is it?

A viewer writes “everything here is very small. Only in the sky can exist a huge object,” and these words carry great force.

So, yes it IS a beautiful sunset, but the electricity pylons and powerlines aren’t. Would it be even better without the powerlines? The view would be, but life without electricity is hard to imagine.

I guess this kind of landscape is becoming more common: beautiful natural scenes, especially near towns and cities, with powerlines, wind farms, 3-lane highways etc. Many of us would complain if these things didn’t exist, a neccesary evil?


2 thoughts on “Think twice

  1. I like the clouds … the clouds that pass … yonder … those marvelous clouds.
    – Charles Baudelaire
    I like the clouds because it shows us eloquently the dimensions and all shades of hues.
    That is probably because I have lived here in Japan all through my humble existence.
    Japan is a small country and everything here is very small. Only in the sky can exist a huge object. The clouds let us be in touch with a great existence, which spans in all three dimensions, and even in the forth dimension which is called time because a cloud is a living, evolving creature, if without a soul of its own.
    In Japan the color charts in both the nature and the culture are quite off from vivid colors like we find in the nature of the tropics or in the culture of China. The Japanese grow to like or are trained to appreciate the subtle differences in shades of colors. The clouds show us the slowly progressing gradation, which has only been depicted by some impressionists like Turner. The nuances, yes, even a white cloud shows us millions of possibilities for the white. And your picture? It’s like an exquisite full dinner for me. It’s simply too delicious.


  2. Ladies and Gentlemen!
    This is Robert-Gilles Martineau.
    I’m looking after a bunch called the Shizuoka Kytes Cricket Club. Most of our members are foreigners, but we are seriously thinking of creating all-Japanese clubs, especially at schools and universities level!
    So if you are interested in a new sport where English is the language, the socializing a must, or just spending your free time in a healthy and friendly manner, come along and join the crowd!


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